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When it comes to protecting your interests and those of your loved one, you need to get an attorney who will work hard for you on your side. Frey & Hand, P.C., LLO in Lincoln, NE, is a law firm that has developed a focus on elder law concerns, including estate planning, probate, guardianships, conservatorships, certain real estate matters, and legal entity matters. When you need us the most, we will be there to guide you through the legal process every step of the way. We welcome opportunities to speak with our clients one-on-one about their legal matters, so be sure to reach out to us today with any questions or concerns that you might be dealing with.

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Elder Law

Elder law actually refers to a variety of legal and related issues common to individuals preparing for or experiencing advanced age, as well as to their families. People with disabilities and their families are often urged to seek help from experienced attorneys in the field. Our elder law attorneys assist individuals, couples, and families facing uncertainties and milestones that go along with declining health, housing changes, safety concerns, and end-of-life matters.

If you believe that you might need the assistance of a member of our team, here are some examples of typical elder law concerns that our clients face:

  • Conservatorships and guardianships for family members with dementia or disabilities that make self-care difficult, or
  • Powers of attorney to authorize trusted parties to assist with health care or financial decisions so that a guardianship or conservatorship should not be necessary, or

  • Qualifying for and applying for medical government benefits, or
  • Asset protection in light of long-term care costs and medical costs, or
  • In-home elder care, or
  • Preventing or addressing financial exploitation of the elderly by caregivers, financial advisors, or other professionals or family members.

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Estate Planning

To ensure that your loved ones are taken care of, it’s imperative to have your affairs in order in the event of an unexpected tragedy. Estate planning tools include wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives. If you don’t have a will, trust, or powers of attorney, contact our team at Frey & Hand, P.C., LLO to discuss the matter with one of our elder law attorneys. If you do have a will, trust, powers of attorney, or health care directives, we recommend you review those documents on a regular basis, especially after a major change in the family, a change in your stage of life, or moving to Nebraska. If you have a financial planner or certified public accountant, we are happy to work with them in devising an appropriate plan for your needs.

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Probate & Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away, it can be daunting to grieve while also settling the affairs that they left behind. From working through documents to ensuring that assets are distributed in the correct manner, it’s important to work with an attorney that can ensure that every detail is attended to. With or without a will or trust, we can advise and assist you throughout the process of settling the affairs of someone who has passed away. Our lawyers assist clients in the tasks of managing and distributing estates in a way that honors the deceased’s wishes and protects the interests of the loved one that they left behind.

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